About Wobbles

Robert "Wobbles" Routt
I am a married father of 4.  I have lived in Oklahoma for most of my life.
I owned a private security firm until 2008.
I have worked in 2 call centers since then promoting to Team Leader in one until finding a better opportunity.

People who know me are surprised by my sudden outspokenness on issues but I have always had rather strong opinions and beliefs but worried too much about offending others.

I still try to find common ground with all during discussions if they are open to other ideas and points of view. That is why the Face Book page and now this podcast show are important to me.  I hope the fans checking both out enjoy reading and listening as much as I have enjoyed beginning to put them together.

Don't worry this site like the FB page will be a work in progress so I will ad more information as I go.

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